Being sure is not the same as feeling secure

The accumulated knowledge and experience in the security sector, together with the involvement in the project of everyone who makes up PROSETECNISA have been key factors in forming a company with a long tradition, but with a clear focus on the future.

A trusted firm, capable of providing comprehensive security services adapted to your needs.

With nearly 35 years of history since it started operating in the early 1980s, PROSETECNISA has evolved in parallel to the market, diversifying its business according to the needs of the new times and expanding its geographical scope to cover the whole of Spain, in order to always offer the best service.

Technological innovation, which allows us to contact the latest developments in the security sector and the entire team’s commitment to the organisation, in a constant process of development and training, are aimed at providing maximum customer satisfaction on each job, and have enabled the company to maintain steady and sustained growth in recent years.

  • Being a future-oriented, dynamic and creative company.
  • Backing technological innovation, with the latest developments in the sector.
  • Integrating highly qualified professionals, with a high degree of involvement in the company.
  • Offering a specialised service with efficiency and flexibility.
  • Orienting the organisation toward customer satisfaction.
  • Guaranteeing service quality.
  • Continuing training. Approval by the Ministry of the Interior of an Own Training Centre for Security Staff.
  • Equal treatment and opportunities in the workplace. Collaborating Organisation in Equal Opportunities between Women and Men.