We can sum up PROSETECNISA’s history in these two values: Hope and Security.


Which was provided by the founding partners, when in January 1983 they decided to create a small security company founded by a group of coworkers from the private security sector, coworkers who are still the only partners of the company today, who with hope and by overcoming daily difficulties are still the driving force behind the company, which certainly makes it different.


The security that PROSETECNISA has contributed to all its clients over the years that they have trusted in it.

After more than a quarter century of intensity, full of difficulties and satisfactions, our company is one of the sector’s leading companies, with offices in Madrid and various provinces in the North, South, Castilla and East of Spain, offering a wide variety of services (integrated security systems, alarm reception centre, installation of security systems, surveillance and security, protection of people (escorts)), etc.

Despite continued growth, familiarity as its hallmark and the proximity of the partners to their business and employees, are our watchwords.For its clients and its employees PROSETECNISA is an accessible company that you can rely on for the long haul, because we are people who listen, who resolve and address their problems