The importance of the people who make up the organisation is key in all work processes, so the qualification and training of our staff is one of the mainstays on which the past, present and future of the company is based.

In order to achieve the suitable adaptation of its staff to the training needs demanded by its clients, PROSETECNISA has made a great effort to maintain high levels of quality that are more than acceptable, committed to everything related to the training of its staff, to the extent of achieving approval by the Ministry of the Interior of an Own Training Centre for Security Staff.All the professionals that make up the company receive specialised training in line with the work to be performed, allowing us to offer our clients the best service and to be able to respond in all situations. Some of the courses offered this year:

  • Courses on Occupational Risk Prevention and Safety.
  • Shooting instructor courses.
  • Explosives security officer courses.
  • Radiological operator courses.
  • First aid courses.
  • Evacuation of Public Buildings and Museums courses.
  • Security in hospitals courses.
  • Fire Fighting Course.
  • Security Planning, Direction and Management courses.
  • Courses on security protection in gender violence
  • Etc.