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Systems Integration

PROSETECNISA gives added value to the concept of security, covering all possible areas of operation providing our own real coverage to the global concept of security.

We are qualified to coordinate and manage the human factor (security guards, assistants, response agents) with the physical factor (safes, vaults, bunker, etc.) and technical factor (electronic measures such as intrusion detection equipment, CCTV, AC, FP) closing the circle with our 24-hour services at the ARC (Alarm Reception Centre), which receives all the incidences of any kind of emergency as well as managing the 24-hour Customer Service and the response and key custody services, where surveillance services can be established if the situation requires.

All systems outlined above can be integrated in a single management software program. All the functions and their monitoring and are displayed via a system of interactive maps, allowing us to control all the installations from a single point, with the data of the whole building in a single environment.